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Cooperative Science and Education Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Program accomplishments...

Alaska Center: Through support of JISAO work was carried out on an atlas of the occurrence and distribution of eggs and larvae of north Pacific fishes sampled during fisheries oceanography cruises; study of biological and physical factors affecting survival of walleye pollock eggs and larvae in the Gulf of Alaska and their recruitment to the commercially fished population; groundfish stomachs were read to determine the importance of different Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska prey species; research cruises were conducted to place and recover Atka mackerel tags; and a research cruise was conducted to determine the effects of fishing on the distribution of pollock. Northeast Center: Cooperative programs with universities were supported, primarily for training graduate students: University of Massachusetts, Rutgers University, Virginia Institute of Marie Science and the University of Rhode Island. Northwest Center: Undergraduate and graduate internships; Salmon survival and life-stages research: disease and anthropogenic factors, estuarine influences, ocean ecology, predation, and genetics; Ground fish research: stock assessment and habitat Southeast Center: Coastal fisheries habitat management research. Southwest Center: Grants were awarded to the University of Hawaii and the University of California to support undergraduate and graduate student research, support of educational programs in fisheries research, marine satellite data processing and research vessel support. Cooperative research studies are between NMFS/JIMAR and JIMO.